Breaking Up Lyrics

Did you just breakup with a long time lover on whom you placed all hopes of your future? If yes, the next thing that most people would do is to resort to alcohol - an age old remedy to forget the hurt of all that has happened. Worse still, some take to drugs and some think that they can no longer pull on with their life and take to the extreme step of killing themselves. No doubt, patching up your life after a break up is not going to be easy immediately, but it is never impossible. All you may need is a little amount of time to listen to some rejuvenating words. There are a multitude of songs written exactly for this purpose that will help you to get back on track. A wide variety of break up songs are available that you just need to pick up that which suits you the most.

An even relaxing attempt can be you writing lyrics on your own. Penning your feelings of hurt is not something you could not achieve. All you need is to find the motivation and creativity to start on it. Select some of the albums of the bands you like the most and listen to them. They may set the mood for you and serve as an inspiration to jumpstart on. Watch out also for what the popular trend is and set your ears to the lyrics of yesteryears too as they may create a spark in you and help you on writing your first couple of lines. Lyrics written on themes of love, relationships, friendships and breakups are bound to strike a chord with all lovers of music and titles relating to heartache and love will never fail to be instant hits with any genre of music be it country music, rap, pop or rock. Even if you don't wish to tune them, they will be excellent poems left as they are, simply in verse.

Your writing does not need to necessarily call out names, but always think of your own experiences and put them on paper. Lyrics based on one's own stories of love and breakups will be new ones on the board and in music novelty is always welcomed. What if you think that your experiences are not good enough for writing a song? Don't worry at all. The movies are there for an inspiration. They are so full of ideas and drama that all those touching scenes, tragedy, melodrama and pathos will definitely help you in writing beautiful lyrics. Also television offers a daily dose of soaps and serials that have a lot of twists and turns in them depicting characters that create a sense of sympathy among the viewers with whom people are able to connect with and relate to sad breakups of their own lives. These episodes of relating to own experiences also serve as an impetus to write lyrics on breaking up. The best lyrics on breaking up are songs that depict anger, empowerment or sadness but a tuneful lyric unfailingly soothes the mind.
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