Break Up Don'ts

There are several breaking up don'ts that one needs to look at before analyzing to do it. One might feel that during each problem between them a break up is essential, but it is not so. You might be just dating, or would have got married; you should understand that there are other ways around a misunderstanding or argument than to just break up. If the reason for breaking up is not reasonable then one must look at it carefully and make sure that they do not become the reason for the break up.

Misunderstandings are important reason for individuals to break up. A lot of times many couples regret their break up and wish that they stayed with each other. If you want to come back to your ex then what is use for a break up. The first important thing in breaking up don'ts is to not misunderstand and be sensitive about happenings. The only reason for you to break up with your lover must be that if he or she tries to cheat you or if the lover is abusing you for no reason. You must not break up for a small argument and try to find fault with the other person.

One should not have the thought of break up in a relationship due to a particular incident. If you find that you are in a situation that might embarrass you then just walk away from that place. It could be due to your lover misbehaving either with you or someone else, still keep a cool mind and sit in a calm place and analyze the incident. Never react in front of others and this will be an important breaking up don'ts that you must have in your mind. Move away from the place and try to remove the incident from your mind by diverting it. The smartest things to do would be go for a movie or a short trip to keep your mind away from it.

The next thing in breaking up don'ts is to swallow your pride. Don't put the last word and start the argument and keep talking about it for hours together. Try to avoid it by accepting your mistake and not make it an issue for break up. Nobody would be willing to break up on meaningless argument and then realize that it was not an issue at all the very next day. You must make the first move and patch up with your lover so that things don't precipitate.

If you wish to stay focused on being close to someone special then you must take necessary steps. You must attempt certain things from breaking up don'ts and try to resolve the issue rather than confronting about it. Don't be afraid of being assertive and try to be passive at times of disagreement. Do not be too submissive and let others dominate you. It is important that you maintain your objectives and ensure that you have a healthier relationship with your lover.
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