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Located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, the Cyclades in Greece form a very large archipelago with very different islands from each other. Some are very popular in summer, having become fashionable places like Mykonos.

Others have preserved their authenticity intact. If you have two weeks, go to Santorini, one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands with intense activity in its capital but endowed with superb landscapes and remote corners. 

Also discover Naxos, an island rich in windmills, churches and above all the remains of the temple of Apollo. 

How to find your boat for your next Cyclades cruise?

To help you find the Gulet charter that best suits your needs and expectations, we invite you to use the selections at the top of this page. 

The "favorite" boats are those of our best partners in this area, they are not the cheapest and nor the most expensive for that matter but they offer a very well studied price/quality ratio. 

The "cruise-cruise" boats are for lovers of fine adjustments and sensations at the helm on boats with worked hulls. "New" boats are a selection of boats 2 years old and under. 

"Premium" boats are large units with a high level of equipment. You can also do a search with the search engine at the top right of the page which will allow you to make your own selection of boat or catamaran rental.

For your sailing cruise with Daily cruises Greece in the Cyclades, you have the choice between several embarkation ports: Athens, Lavrion, Paros. The first two bases Athens and Lavrion have the advantage of being close to the airport. 

Paros, on the other hand, will allow you to start your cruise in the very heart of the Cyclades, which is a true and great paradise in the Mediterranean for coastal shipping and boating.

Catamaran rental in the Cyclades:

If you want to book the best Yacht charter, do not hesitate to first visit We also deal in Yachts for sale.

A catamaran cruise in the Cyclades is a wise choice because this type of sailboat is very well suited to the navigations that one practice in its latitudes. 

A cruise with a skipper in the Cyclades:

If you do not know how to sail, you can hire the services of a professional skipper for your cruise. The skipper will be responsible for completing the cruise itinerary that you submit to him, taking into account the weather conditions, the safety of the crew and the proper functioning of the sailboat. 

His knowledge of the navigation area will allow him to submit suggestions and advice on the best moorings and ports. You will be responsible for feeding him and reserving a cabin for his privacy.


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