Benefits of Office 365 FedRAMP

FedRAMP has recently remodeled the certification process of all vendors that will work with the US DoD. The same has been enacted in order to embrace better cybersecurity and to put down the chances of hacking and other malice actions that can threaten the countries security system.

What is there in the CMMC

While the new certification process has been enacted, the majority of the previous practices have gone down. Now no companies, no vendors, not even third party vendors working with DoD cannot operate without the CMMC or the certificate. Moreover, the process of self-assessment has been abolished and has been replaced with a third-party audit. Finally, no fine system has been kept open here, but when there will be some faults found, the company will have to restrain from bidding entirely.

In one word, there have been many more restrictions that have been put into the certification process for vendors who will be working with DoD. However, the best part here is that the level of security that has been installed by this amendment has been multiplied to 5 streams and that will definitely add value to the nation’s security.

Along with all these restrictions on using the hardware and software has also been enacted according to the process of certification. This will restrict the flow of work among the vendors and hence the entire work will be on a stream stopping the flow of data loss and also to remove the chance of hacking.

The utility of having Office 365

Among the software, there are different tools for invoicing, for accounting, for group chatting, for email marketing, and even for documenting items. Office 365 has been installed in the matter to support all the document related works. Be it an accounting work on the excel sheet, or the document files on the words and also the presentations, Office 365 is going to give the perfect support to all the vendors in running their show.

Now since the Office 365 FedRAMP is regulated by FedRAMP, the entire control of the files will be with the DoD, and not only that, the complete troubleshooting and even the data management and protection will be in the hands of DoD. So, data and files are much more secured now than before and in straightforward words, this was the actual sentiment of the CMMC, to create a 5 walled security system with the DoD of the nation.


DFARS 252.204-7012

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