Bamboo flooring is suitable for living rooms and for bathroom

Looking for a floor for your living room or bathroom that gives a similar appearance to the wood, for a more affordable price, but not a laminate floor? Bamboo flooring can be the perfect solution for you.

Bamboo is in many cases a bit cheaper than solid parquet and has a similar appearance.

It exists in the glued pose. In some cases, it is suitable for laying on a heated floor, to check with the professional changed his pose.
Bamboo flooring is suitable for use in bedrooms. This makes it a versatile floor that can be used almost anywhere in the house.

Bamboo parquet for the bathroom - a solution that brings warmth:

The feeling of a cold floor is often unpleasant and many individuals seek alternative coverings that make it possible to dispense with the eternal and classic tiled floor. 

There are several solutions:

- The solution most often used is the floor covering made of PVC boards imitation wood, laid on floating floors. This solution has the disadvantage of having a strong ecological impact. Also, the imitation wood effect is not very convincing to the touch.
- Natural or synthetic vinyl can provide an alternative solution because indeed these coatings are not cold. In return, they are often associated with care facilities that affect the perception of the room.
- The vitrified parquet is a possible solution: This solution is most often used in older homes - when creating a bathroom in a room for example. Unfortunately, the vitrified parquet is protected against splashing water, but it is certainly not waterproof. Water entering between the joints will damage the floor. It is, therefore, necessary to pay attention to well wipe the projections of water and to limit them by installing a closed shower stall for example.
- Some parquet floors of exotic wood species. Unfortunately, they are very expensive.
- There is also parquet flooring. This material is resistant to a bathroom and reputed to be durable. Good quality bamboo flooring resists changes in temperature and humidity and will not move. 

However, it is advisable to choose bamboo parquet for your bathroom which is varnished in a factory and to privilege the massive parquet to the laminated one. An undeniable advantage to the wood flooring for the bathroom- it is an ecological solution. Indeed, bamboo is a plant that repels quickly, so a fast renewable resource.


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