Bamboo - A solid wood floor ideal for Feng Shui

It is known that Feng Shui is an ancient technique that works on energy in our spaces. According to what is said, Feng Shui allows you to correctly channel the energy of the place with the people who develop in it so that everything flows.

They work from coordinates to areas such as corners so that the energy is not condensed there.

And as the saying goes, there is no coincidence but causation, we have decided today to talk to you about bamboo, a industrieparkett ideal for Feng Shui and we explain to you why.

In that sense, it is important that the five elements of nature:

- Water
- Wind
- Earth
- Fire
- Metal

Bamboo is the favorite of Eastern culture, of pandas, and today of many companies of different branches worldwide. And it is that when you study from its point of view the benefits that this brings, you will end up adding to your fan group.

For example:

- It is known that today massivholzplatten kaufen is used from the construction area to the textile area.
- Its use has become as multifaceted as that of plastic. With the big difference that this is renewable, and is a friend of the planet.
- In addition the cost of Woven Parkett is not so high and generates a lot of money.

Let's go back to our topic what are the benefits that a bamboo floor gives your space based on Feng Shui and energy management.

● Bamboo floors come from the WOOD element: Which is considered to give you warmth, something like feeling clothed or full of love.
● The WATER element is present in Bamboo floors thanks to its origin that is nothing more and nothing less than a tree: This element is what will allow us to flow like the sea or the river of silver, and not stagnant like a puddle.
● Now, the solid bamboo wood floors do not have the METAL element in them directly, but, you can accompany it by placing an accessory that is made of marble, granite, silver, copper, aluminum, iron or placing on some furniture or walls the white or pastel colors.
This element gives you the possibility of a concentration, of fixing the mind on something and not dispersing.
● The FIRE element can be found in the tone of the bamboo wood floors: This element will bring them the pleasure of living, socializing and pushing your energy up.
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