Azilal Teppich - Beni Ourain Marokkanische Teppiche

The rural people may be of various colors with respect to the origin, clearer in the middle Atlas - where in actuality the klim are normal, bushy with extended strings of wool - and more alive to the south. They need to like rugs therefore significantly that they believe that each tourist should get back house with one. In the Medina of Fez alone, you will find countless beach bars offering Marokkanische Azilal Teppiche.

Every Moroccan in the tourist earth has a "cousin" who sells rugs (strong coincidence), and if strolling through the side grove of Tinerhir some one encourages you to own tea in the home, 90% that people may style that tea in the rug course of his "cousin ".Let's enjoy today with theoretical accounts. When we counted most of the beni mguild teppich of all garitos of all cities of the whole state, no less than 1,000,000 rugs for sale.

Expecting so it takes months to produce a good beni ourain teppich, they don't add up. The answer: poor quality of several handicrafts (arched edges, defectively attracted motifs, etc.) due to exorbitant strain on the poor manufacturers, and import of several the others, especially from the Netherlands - fat, and factory. Many vendors in Morocco sells real Marokkanische Wollteppiche. Idea to buy the actual Marokkanische Wollteppiche:

We realize the idea, which we present here, which you should use it into training while buying marokkanisches kleid:: View if the edges are right, scratch with the nail to see if the troubles are small, and split an item of wool from the trunk to change it on, or even it burns off but it has the aroma of toast lamb, it's actual wool.

If these recommendations aren't enough for you - on one other hand reasonable, they're not for all of us - the clear answer is to prepare the wallet and buy a rug that has transferred the quality get a handle on of the handicraft ministry simply because they promise its origin and have a color code according to the product end: lemon, orange, green or orange labels, decreasing order of quality.

Dozens of countries coexist in Morocco, a large number of different ways of understanding living, and all of them weaves Beni Ourain Marokkanische Teppiche with various colors, motifs, finishes, and techniques.  We're not going to get into them simply because we do not know them. We will simply mention that the urban people are very different from the rural ones. The urban people are of higher sizes, solid colors and embroidery based on symmetrical repetitions of geometric motifs.


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