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Andrea Trisdale is an artist, actress, and realtor who lives in Austin, Texas. She has a naturally effervescent personality that she has used to good effect during her career on the stage and in front of the camera, but there is nothing artificial about it; it's the way that she really is.

"I'm a happy person that enjoys life and all that it has to offer," she says, "and I try to share that with others in my attitude, actions, and art."

As Andrea Trisdale knows, an overall positive attitude and outlook toward life has genuine health benefits, and there is solid science to back that up. Researchers say that people who enjoy life tend to have better physical function as they age, when compared to people who don't. Their study examined more than three thousand people who were sixty and over, and tracked them for eight years. The unhappiest people in that group were the most likely to develop impairments in their daily functions, compared to the happiest ones.

"I love to laugh," Andrea Trisdale continues. "And I want to do my part to make this world a beautiful  place." Laughing a lot can go a long way to doing just that. Some researchers have actually studied the health benefits of laughter, and while there is not yet anything conclusive to report, there are strong indicators that regular laughter can go a long way toward improving your health. Saying "laughter is the best medicine" is more than just a catchy phrase; it may well be very close to the truth.

What is not in dispute is that we change physiologically when we laugh. It is almost like a workout: the muscles throughout the face and body stretch out, our pulse and blood pressure goes up along with our heart rates, and our breathing increases. It has even been claimed that one minute of hearty laughter is at least equal to ten minutes spent on a rowing machine, in terms of boosting the heart rate.

Not only that, laughter appears to burn calories, too. Yet another researcher studying the effects of laughter on the human body says ten to fifteen minutes of laughing burns about fifty calories. Considering that's equal to about one piece of chocolate, it may not mean all that much. But Andrea Trisdale may well be on to something.

"I really just want to create art and beauty," says Andrea Trisdale, "to give people something to enjoy and be entertained by. I would love to do my art fulltime... maybe have a gallery and host art shows."

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