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Stara Planina also referred to as ‘The Balkan Mountains ', is just a hill selection that gives its title to the entire Balkan Peninsula. It is 560 km extended and breaks Bulgaria into two parts: North and South.  In Bulgaria, the hill selection starts at Vrashka Chuka peak (on the border with Serbia) and stops at Cape Emine, in the Black Sea. If you prefer more information on images trips to Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is undoubtedly the absolute most lovely and magnificent place, giving incredible Bulgaria landscape photography landscapes. Let's discover a number of the destination of Bulgaria that gives the very best spots for photography. If hiking and social visits are not for you personally or you had enough, know that you may also happen to be Bulgaria in search of beaches. You can find two major resort towns in the Bulgarian Black Sea: Varna and Burgas.

In Burgas, the most popular Sunny Beach could be the best-known beach to see in Bulgaria among European tourists who come in search of party and sun. There's much to do through the day, but the night time is the one that takes the side, with many bars and events structured with the very best DJs in the world. In Varna, in addition to resting in the sun on the beach, you may make some social trip to places like the Aladzha Monastery, carved in to the steel, or the Archaeological Museum of Varna. That is the greatest area for Bulgaria street photography.

But, there are numerous different beaches, quiet and remote, in this part of the Black Sea. Among them, we highlight those of Kara Dere and Borata.  If you eliminate yourself in endless beaches, where you rest in a tent beneath the stars was among your absolute best ideas to do in Bulgaria, those two are your absolute best options - especially Kara Dere. Come, visit and enjoy Bulgaria nature photography.

The second-largest town to see in Bulgaria has particular characteristics with previous Rome. Launched between seven mountains, the only thing missing is a good colosseum and a star in which two brothers decided to begin developing a town after being breastfed by a wolf.

But, for things to do and social significance, Plovdiv may possibly not be up to now from the Italian capital. It would be the European Capital of Culture in 2019. If you're partial to Bulgaria landscape photography, Stara Planina is the greatest place. Traveling to Bulgaria without squeezing out your natural options to the fullest is just a real shame.


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