6 Types of Dog Leashes in your Favorite pet store

Increasing your dog's activities will make both of you happy: you get to spend time with your best friend, drain his energy, and reduce his chances of chewing on things and destroying your property.

One of the best ways to engage your puppy is by taking him on walks, which requires you to get the right leash from Escondido pet store. There are several types of dog leash designed for the different stages of your pet's life. These include:

1. The standard dog leash
You are most likely to use this dog leash for basic training and walking your dog. Most standard dog leashes are made from leather or nylon, which are extremely durable, though you can find some simple ones made from rubber and cotton for temporary use.

Leather and nylon are sufficiently strong to retrain a big dog, while maintaining lightweight construction to use with a newly adopted puppy. They are usually 6 feet in length, but you can find any length between 4 and 8 feet to give you enough control of your pet without limiting his freedom of movement.

2. Retractable dog leashes
If you looking for a leash that offers even more freedom for your pet, you should consider a retractable dog leash. You can vary the length of the leash from 4 to 30 feet. The operation mechanism is somewhat like that of a measuring tape with nylon cable and a handle fitted with a locking mechanism that lets you vary the length of the leash.

As convenient as retractable dog leashes may seem, they are mostly recommended for adult dogs with training on how to walk on a leash. This will prevent the dog from pulling on the leash (which will cause it to extend and possibly develop the bad habit of pulling on the leash to reach farther) and reduce the risk of rope burns or strangulation due to excess line.

3. Adjustable leashes
These leashes offer the benefits of both a standard and retractable leash while reducing/eliminating the drawbacks of both. They are as tough as standard leashes so they won't stretch when pulled. Yet, they allow you to adjust the length in the range of 3 to 6 feet by removing or adding loops/clips along the length. With this flexibility, you can use the shorter length for training and the longer one when taking your dog for a walk.

4. Martingale Lead
This is a two-in-one leash featuring a martingale collar and a standard leash. It is essentially training aid to keep your dog from pulling as it tightens around the neck when pulled. The pressure applied won't choke your best friend, but it will be just enough to cause discomfort and discourage pulling.

Which one is best?
Standard leashes are the most common for walking and training dogs, though all types of leashes have unique features that may appeal to different handlers. There are other types of leashes you may encounter in an Escondido pet store, such as the multiple dog leash for walking two dogs with a single handle, or the seat belt safety leash to secure your dog when on the road. The merchant will advise you on the best one for your needs.
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