5 stops to discover thanks to a rental in Greece

There are 5 main and attractive stops to discover – thanks to Motor boat charter rental in Greece. Let us find out about these spots.

1. Volos:

It is located in the Gulf of Pagasitikos, at the foot of Mount Pelion, this city is the ideal starting point for a cruise to the Sporades islands. It is also worth a visit if only to enjoy a glass of Tsipouro, an alcohol made from grape marc, on a sunny terrace in the city center.

2. Athens:

Impossible to evoke Sailing yacht charter in Greece without stopping in the capital. Between the Acropolis and the Parthenon, the Agora or Olympeion, the wonder of the vestiges of Antiquity will be at all times. Enjoy your departure from the capital to spend 1 or 2 days before or after your cruise.

3. Santorini:

Probably the most famous and most photographed island in the Cyclades, Santorini is a white and azure jewel. Its impressive cliffs, its villages perched on rocky peaks and their typical narrow streets will be an unforgettable treat. A recommendation, however: very popular with large Catamaran charter ships, we recommend that you do not visit during the months of July and August.

4. Rhodes:

The largest island of the Dodecanese and enjoying beautiful sunshine all summer, it still reveals green mountains and thriving fields. The south is full of picturesque villages where you can easily stop over with your Sailing yacht charter Greece.

5. Paxos:

This island of the Cyclades covered with olive trees also has beautiful beaches with clear waters, small coves where to anchor in peace and ports of charm.

As you cruise with your Catamaran charter Greece, you will be amazed by the varied landscapes and optimal sailing conditions offered by Greece, a land that truly seems to have been created by the gods of antiquity.

Key points to remember for a cruise in Greece:

- The Meltem can blow very hard during the summer months in the Cyclades area. We recommend that you go for another period to get there or take an experienced skipper with experience knowing the area.
- The big plus of Greece: no mooring fees or shipping costs.
- Between the coast and the archipelagos, you can develop a tailor-made itinerary to multiply the discoveries.
- Beaches, history, gastronomy and splendid landscapes: Greece is a destination that suits all tastes.
- With its mild weather, Greece allows you to sail from autumn to spring.


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