13 Tips To Grow Your Mobile Marketing List

Mobile marketing has come of age and suddenly everyone is looking to it as a source to build their business. The flexibility of mobile marketing benefits both an online business and traditional local, or offline businesses. However, mobile listbuilding can take time and is not always easy.

Here are 13 surefire methods to grow your mobile list and make money with mobile marketing as quickly as possible.

• Include an invitation to join your mobile list on everything. Often referred to as a "call to action", the invitation to join applies to any website or links you may have and to any promotional material that you may have printed.

• If you have a storefront property, display in your storefront a poster with an invitation to join your mobile list. A professionally designed poster or cut-out display will work best with this method.

• In addition to the "call to action", make sure that your website includes a mobile opt-in box on your homepage. Having the form front and center will result in more subscribers than simply telling them and providing a link to sign up. This should be done on every web page, blog, and social media account that you have, such as you Facebook fanpage, Twitter profile, Linkedin profile, etc.

• Build your list yourself, do not purchase it! If you want quality, responsive subscribers, it is always better to build your mobile list yourself. Purchased lists are low in value and with the current spamming laws you could end up in trouble. Responsiveness is key. It's not worth the time and cost to send texts to uninterested people.

• If you run an traditional physical business, add your mobile opt-in information on your receipts. If you are an online business, add your mobile opt-in form to your download page for purchases.

• If you do radio or TV advertising, make sure that you add your mobile offer, instructions and rules to your advertisement.

• Add mobile QR codes to all of your promotional materials. Do this with all printed material as well as web pages.

• If you currently have a mailing list (online or offline), send them a message or email encouraging them to join your mobile list.

• Make a YouTube video about joining your mobile list. If it is funny with viral-style properties, viewers will be prompted to join. Make sure to provide a link to your web page with your mobile opt-in box. With these videos, the funnier the better! Something unique or just strange could go viral, getting you a lot of views and subscribers very quickly.

• Advertise on your local public access channel with a commercial or interview about your business, including your mobile list information. This method may not get a lot of views, but the people who do see it will be locally based, which can make it very powerful for local businesses.

• Another tip for a brick and mortar business - put your mobile list information on a poster in the bathrooms and they will always get read.

• Make sure you add your keyword and shortcode to everything!. Make it easy for people to remember it and use it! If you are ordering new business cards, add your keyword and shortcode to that.

• Tell everyone that you can. Don't let any opportunity go by that you don't mention your mobile list. A business conversation, whether with a client, customer, or email should always end with "Have you heard about our mobile campaign/club?"

Take advantage of as many of these mobile listbuilding methods as possible and you will see your mobile marketing efforts steadily grow. Next step - craft your campaign and get started! Check out mobilemarketingprofits101.com for more mobile marketing training!

Source : allent[dot]articlealley[dot]com

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